Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We're Ready

After months and months of procrastinating, I think we're finally ready for baby #2 to join us.  Good thing, because June 9th is only five days away!  JK has been in beast mode the past few weeks, painting, steam cleaning carpets, putting away and pulling stuff out of the attic, and assembling various pieces of baby gear.  

I've been cooking freezer meals, stalking supermarket sales to stock the pantry, doing laundry, and cleaning the house like a madwoman.

Monica has been helping by conducting quality control tests on all the baby equipment that has been unpacked and reassembled in the past few weeks:

She climbed into the crib all by herself in about two seconds flat!

Just a little big for the snug a bunny swing
This bassinet was soon filled to the brim with stuffed animals!

During the day, her and I have been keeping busy attending lots of play dates with friends and spending time outside in the yard.  On nights and weekends, the three of us have been going on picnics, hikes, and tons of walks around the neighborhood.  I'm trying to stay active as much as possible, while enjoying the great weather we've been having.
On another note, I'm super excited that Monica's been doing so well with independent play lately.  We had a huge breakthrough this week....she signed to me that she wanted to color, and just as I was turning around to tell her that we first needed to pick up her blocks, I saw that she had already cleaned them up!  All on her own, without me asking her!

So, she immediately received tons of praise, and, of course, coloring supplies.

Just for fun, one last pic of her and Daddy kicking off the swimming season!  This kiddo loves the water!

That's all for time I post, we'll be a family of four!!!