Tuesday, April 4, 2017


It's about 8:15 am.  Bleary-eyed, I'm making oatmeal and waffles in the kitchen, and the girls are at the dining room table.

Monica:  Mommy, are yetis real?
Me: <not awake>...umm, what <in my head...yetis?  where do they get these ideas??> ....yetis?  I don't know...I don't think, yetis are not real.
Lauren <with an air of absolute authority>:  They are real.
Monica <wide-eyed>:  How do YOU know??
Lauren:  I know EVERYTHING!
Monica:  Oh yeah???  Do you know ALL the planets?? Even the ones that INDIANS came from??
Lauren:  I sure do!
Monica:  How do you even know this stuff???

Lauren is just laughing.  I see the mischief in her eyes, and I have to smile, as well.  She knows that she doesn't know everything, but she is delighted to have fooled her sister, even for just a moment.  

The yeti conversation continues in the next room.  I hear Monica say something about "they inhabit the Himolays", or something of that nature.  Out of pure curiosity, I google "yeti"
I have no idea where they have acquired this knowledge about the fabled yetis of the Himalayas, but I love this gentle reminder that the kids are experts on many ideas that I am not.  Hopefully, I'll remember to ask Monica about the Indians from the other planets after I pick her up from school 😉