Monday, October 14, 2013

Monica's 2nd birthday

Yes, her birthday was August 29th.  Yes, It's taken me over a month to write a post.  Yes, I'm behind.  Big surprise!  Life is busy!

Anyway, a week before her birthday, I told Monica that she had a big day coming up and we were going to be celebrating her birthday.  And her response was, "Cake!"

When she woke up on August 29th and JK and I said, "Happy birthday, Monica," she also replied with, "Cake!"  And so, naturally, we gave her cake for breakfast to begin her birthday celebration. I threw in a side helping of blueberries, so I could convince myself that there was some healthy component to the breakfast :)

Her next big birthday surprise was that we had finally - two years to the day, to be exact - re-finished the basement and turned it into a playroom.  A brand new slide and 500+ new Legos were waiting for her downstairs!

In lieu of a big birthday party, we decided to take Monica on a special adventure for her first time visiting the aquarium.  It was super hard to get any good photos of her, she was so excited that she hardly stopped moving the entire time we were there!

We did have a small get-together with immediate family to celebrate with swimming, pizza,  and cake and ice cream. 

And then we wrapped up the celebration with some fun with trains. 

It's hard to believe how grown up our little girl is, two years have gone by so fast!