Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You mean you have to use your hands? That's like a baby's toy!

Do you know what movie that is from? If not, click here for the answer.

Monica has started to regularly quote this scene while hanging out in her pen.  Her sweet little baby toys that once captivated her attention - her bees, her monkey, her lion - barely hold her interest anymore. She wants her flashy light-up singing talking remote control and her fancy music table. It's either that or the real TV - ugh!

While letting her rot her brain watching TV is the easiest way to amuse her, JK and I do make a real effort to engage her with her toys and books We resort to the TV as a crutch when we want to have a meal without the Grub Dog begging for us to throw scraps to her in her pen.

So, to shake things up in the toy department, we splurged and bought Monica a few new toys this month.

First lego set!
JK giving building instructions
Monica listening intently
All parts of this toy are great!

Yay, a huge tower to knock down! 

What's this??  A caterpillar tunnel?  Awesome!

Look at meee!!!

Umm, Daddy, you're too big for this toy!
Climbing through the door
I'm gonna get you, mama!

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