Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dirty Grub Business

I just went upstairs to get Monica from her second nap. JK is out at his mixed martial arts class, and I was trying to decide if Monica and I were going to take a walk to the playground, or if we would go out to Trader Joe's for some food supplies. I took her out of the crib and was snuggling her for a second in the rocker, and I said, "Some little stink really needs a bath after dinner. Let's check your diaper."

When we got to the changing table, I found that not only was there poop inside of her diaper, but it was outside of her diaper as well. Shocking, truly, because it's been months since this has happened. Early on, JK and I were completely desensitized to poop explosions. Alas, after many months free from scrubbing Dreft into her poop-stained clothing, this situation was not met with any nostalgia on my part.

I made an executive decision to wipe her down the best I could with some baby wipes, and then escort her straight into the bathtub for a real cleaning, even though we had not had dinner yet. She just smelled too bad, and it was really unappetizing. So, I whisked her into the bathroom and started running the tub.

This is the part when she decided to pee all over the floor. So, not only did she need a scrubbing, but I also got to scrub the floor and clean up her laundry that she peed all over. At least the clothes were already dirty.

Now we're in the kitchen and she is having some string cheese and meatballs and applesauce with yogurt for dinner. Obviously, her appetite was not affected whatsoever by the situation upstairs. Business as usual for this Grub!

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