Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mowing - Beyond the Grub Pen

Monica's grub pen in the living room has been a great space for her to safely  play and work on new tricks.  34 square feet of fun is plenty of room for exploring, crawling, climbing....

But not mowing.  No, 34 square feet is not enough room for mowing.  

One of Monica's favorite Christmas presents is an activity walker - aka her grub pen mower.  She has been using this toy for a couple of months to practice climbing and standing, and it has wheels to encourage baby's first steps.  When she walks behind it, we say she is mowing her grub pen - practice for helping daddy out in the yard!  But now that she's really picked up the pace, she can only take about four steps before she hits the opposite end of her grub pen.  In order to give her some more room to practice walking, we brought the grub mower up to her bedroom last night so she could test out its full range.  She was so excited!  Click on the video below to watch her in action: 

At this rate, she's going to be scampering around the house in no time!

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