Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monica's Seven Month Update

Happy Seven Month Birthday, Monica!!!

Monica continues to amaze us with her intelligence, strength, and coordination. I keep asking her to slow down and stop growing up so fast, but she is off and running - almost literally. I think she is convinced that she is an adult stuck in a baby's body. Or, we could go with Aunt Kim's theory that she is not a baby at all - she's a midget masquerading as a baby.

Either way, the past couple of weeks she has decided she wants to take everything to the next level.

JK and I can't eat a meal or a snack without Monica staring at us and begging to eat off of our plates. She's worse than the dog! And during her own meals, she's been SUPER aggressive - demanding I spoon feed her more quickly, and getting frustrated when I pause to feed myself a bite of food.

However, the grunting and groaning magically stops as soon as we offer her some finger foods for her to eat off of her own tray. All we need to do is give her some puffs or small pieces of fruit and she will quietly feed herself. I'm pretty sure she's trying to tell us that she's ready to start moving on from  purees, so I've started reading up on the transition to finger foods. I'm excited because it will be a LOT more convenient once she can eat what we are eating!

Interacting with the world: Monica's unique personality is developing more and more every day!

As we are gearing up for summer, the first order of business was to get Monica a sun hat. She made an awful face at the first hat that I tried on her, but when I switched to this one, she was all smiles. If she could talk I'm pretty sure she would have said, "Come on, Mama, the white one goes with everything; the pattern and colors of the first hat really limited our ability to coordinate with my wardrobe." I'm so proud that she is sensible and practical about fashion!

But, don't let her silliness fool you, this little girl also has a very serious side.

I can't remember if they were discussing Ron Paul's standing in the polls, or if they were debating gas versus diesel engines for our next car. Either way, JK is prepping her in the fine art of the debate.

Stroller rides: I try to take Monica for a walk on most days when there is nice weather. But lately, we will get halfway around the block and she starts to fidget and whine and try to jump out of the stroller entirely.  We are still using the infant car seat attached to the stroller base, but she has seemed annoyed that she can't see our surroundings. Or, maybe she is just annoyed by being forced to stare at me for the duration of the walk. 

Planning on a longer walk up to the mailbox last week, JK and I decided to try her out in the actual stroller. She looks so tiny and so silly, but she loved it! No grunting, no whining. She was absolutely delighted at the sights and sounds of our neighborhood.

I'm still going to use the car seat when we're running errands since it is convenient, but she seems to greatly prefer to be able to see where we are going and take in her surroundings - even though she can barely see over the top of the tray.

Finally, we can't leave out all the standing!  The pictures tell the story better than I can:

We just love our little snuggle bug!

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