Thursday, March 8, 2012

Monica's Six Month Update

Monica's six month wellness visit went pretty much like this:

     SceneMonica is sitting on the table, waiting patiently.  Doctor walks in.
     Doctor:  Oh!  You're sitting on your own!
     Me & JK:  She's also crawling all over the place and and standing.
     Doctor: (slight pause, consults chart)...This, this is the six month visit? 
    Yeaahhh...that's what you'd normally be seeing from a nine month old...

So, it's been confirmed by a medical expert, we DO have a super baby.

Weight: 16lbs, 8.9oz, 57th percentile based on weight-for-age.
Height: 2'3" tall, 86th percentile based on length-for-age.

The past month has been one of rapid development.  She is doing something new almost every day, from acrobatics and noises, to discovering new ways to use her toys.

Milestone updates: Monica is sitting, kneeling, crawling, climbing, and everything in between!

We really still can't believe that she is already standing up on her own.  Hopefully she will take it easy on us and hold up on actual walking, at least for a little while. 

For now, she is sticking to crawling as her main mode of conveyance.  JK calls her the Grub Tank.  She doesn't just crawl, she charges full force, complete with a head butt for whoever or whatever might be her destination. I'm lucky enough to have caught the snapshot to the right, before she attacked me and my phone.

The Grub Tank's favorite game is hoping that we leave her bedroom door open, so she can escape out into the hallway.  Good thing she is still not quite as quick as the Daddy Tank, who can overtake her in hot pursuit!

Daily Grub Life: Monica now has several baby safe zones in the house where she spends her play time.  She has most recently discovered that banging toys together produces sounds, so she has been experimenting with various combinations. I loved catching the confused look on her face earlier this week when there was no noise coming from two stuffed animals she was manhandling.

 Mealtime Fun:

Monica now eats three meals a day.  To date, she has tried rice, oatmeal, bananas, pears, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, and applesauce.

Last week we had our first family meal at home where we pulled her right up to the dining room table to eat with us.  It's still tough to eat all together, as Monica is a bit impatient and doesn't like waiting for us to eat in between her bites.  We're sure this will get easier once she is eating finger foods and feeding herself :)

The Sleeping Grub: Monica has transformed into a great sleeper, and now loves getting ready to go into her crib for naps and bedtime alike.
  • Daytime sleeping: two naps a day around 11am and 4pm, each lasting anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.
  • Nighttime sleeping: 9:00 bedtime. One "nighttime" feeding around 6am, then back to sleep until 8am or 9am.
That being said, her favorite part of sleeping is waking up - when Mommy or Daddy comes to rescue her for playtime:

Finally, since she is so advanced, I've decided that Monica needs to start earning her keep and doing some chores.  I'm putting her in charge of laundry, since she creates so much of it.  

Super baby feats of strength aside, Monica continues to be the sweetest, happiest baby.  She has also turned into the best snuggler.  When she is done having fun playing, she will crawl right up into your lap and curl up in a little snuggly ball to let you know she is ready for a rest.

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