Thursday, March 15, 2012


Monica's new most favorite thing in the whole wide world is going outside.  

We wake up every morning and come downstairs to check the weather out the front window in the living room.  I've been explaining seasons and weather to her since she was just a tiny little grub, and promising all winter long that, come springtime, we'll be able to go outside all the time and do all sorts of fun and exciting new activities.

Luckily, the short, almost nonexistent winter is over, and we're having an early spring.  Knock on wood, I know it's still early March, but I'm hoping the warm weather is here to stay!  Monica is loving it....all we have to do is approach the front door and she gets excited, kicking and laughing in anticipation. 

This week, JK and I took advantage of this wonderful early spring, and we took Monica on
her very first trip to see the Linvilla Orchards farm animals.  I have countless childhood memories of Linvilla, my mom was always taking us there in the summer for picnic lunches and to feed the animals.  Then in the fall they have Pumpkinland and celebrate fall harvest and Halloween.  It's such a great place for kids, I've been so excited to take Monica there!

As soon as we got out of the car she was kicking her little legs in excitement.

First stop:  The Goats! 

She was a little wary at first, but I think that she was also taking a moment to get her bearings in a new place.  

She warmed up to them after a few minutes....she probably thought they were some kind of dog friend :)   It was a hard task to keep her from trying to grab them on the nose.  

But the goats absolutely had nothing on...

Chickens!  And ducks and roosters and all kinds of silly little birds. Monica made fast friends with these guys.

If she could talk, she'd be saying, "Mommy, I LIKE these little guys!  They're fun and funny and just my size!"

The birds were definitely her favorite part, most likely because they are fun and frenzied and they never stop moving - just like Monica!


We then took a little stroll over to the duck pond area.  Well, JK and I took a stroll.  Monica chose her preferred mode of parental transport - an airplane ride.

Monica and JK hung out with the ducks and I went crazy taking tons of pictures.  The duck pond area is new - well, new since the last time I've visited the animals - and it has a cool little dock that extends over the pond so you can walk out and see the animals in action.

Relaxing in the shade on the dock overlooking the pond.

Walking around the outside of the pond with Daddy.

Our final stop after we looped around was to check out a cow and a pig. There was a little girl with her grandparents who was trying to feed a carrot to the cow, but every time he got close she would shriek and drop the carrot.  Monica, of course, thought that was hilarious, and laughed every time the little girl yelped at the cow.

The pig didn't make it in the picture, he ran off with a "no pictures, please" grunt.  But you can see a carrot on the ground, the kid must have dropped a half dozen before the poor cow actually got to eat one.  Monica loved every second of it.    

It was the most fun day we've had as a family of three.  We're calling it "Monica's Most Favorite Day EVER" because it was obvious how much she enjoyed the outdoor activities.  Makes me SO excited for all the great new things to come!

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