Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where's Monica?

Just checked the video camera to see if Monica was moving around in her room...and laughed out loud because I couldn't see her for a split second!

The pattern on her bed sheet and the pattern on her receiving blanket are so  similar, she just blends right in! Totally appropriate since JK and I were just talking about how much we loved the Where's Waldo books when we were kids :)

Anyway, on a serious note...when I posted about Monica Standard Time yesterday, it didn't even occur to me that actual Daylight Savings Time this weekend is probably going to have a considerable impact on our current routine.  Yes, I am that mentally slow right now.  I was too focused on the fact that the past couple days she has been waking up earlier than normal and keeping me awake with her to play, which I dislike greatly. 

BUT..I am not going to let any of this bother me!  I am planning on an early bedtime for myself tonight, on the off chance that we have a crazy early start to the day tomorrow.  And we'll just see how things go over the next couple of days and adjust as needed.  I'm going to do my best to be relaxed and try not to get frustrated with the change.  My mom swears that I will come to love the adjusted schedule with the earlier start to the day, earlier afternoon nap, and earlier bedtime.  She says that in the end, it will actually give us more flexibility and more time in the day to do things.  I can see her point since we sort of waste the first half of the day right now, as it's not like we ever go out of the house before her first nap anyway.  And JK's mom pointed out that this will allow for us to put Monica to bed and then go out for the evening without having to worry about rushing home to get her settled for bed.  So, I am going to trust these two wise moms who both know better than me, and hope for the best.  Wish us luck over the next few days!

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