Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Girl Bath Time

Monica has been trying to climb out of her bath seat/sling for well over a month now.  I was researching and planning on ordering a bath seat for her, until I realized that the suction cups were not going to stick to the textured surface of my bathtub.  Sooo....our only other option was to go the old fashioned route and for me to climb in the tub with her.  She absolutely LOVED it, we're already excited about teaching her to swim :)

Scroll down for pictures....Don't be afraid, I'm not in any of the shots!! Wish that they were a little less blurry, but she was having so much fun there was no chance of keeping her still for pictures. 
She reached for the duck...and hit the water!  She was so surprised by the splashing, she couldn't get enough!

The rest of the time consisted of her crawling after the duck and splashing and me chasing her in attempt to get her clean.

JK strategically positioned the duck to hide any grub private parts :)   


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