Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mommy Blogger Guilt

To all four of my readers...

I have been a remiss blogger.  Yes, I know that I normally only post one to two times a week...but behind the scenes, I'm usually working 3-5 blog posts at a time.  Normally, I jump on and off blogger a couple times each day to work on posts, upload pics and create funny captions, and fine-tune my whimsical witticisms about Grub Life and Mommy Life.  

But...I haven't touched this blog in a week!  Truth be told, I am having such a ball with Monica right now.  She is doing so many fun things all at once, there is no way that I can even attempt to capture them in separate blog posts.  I'm almost feeling stressed, like SO MANY great things are going on, I can not possibly do them justice in my normal mommy blogger fashion.  This, combined with the beautiful weather and Monica's new-found love of the outdoors, have been keeping me from the computer.  On the bright side, I tell myself that I am doing a good job as a mom by devoting tons of quality time to my little munchkin.   

So: I'm going to come clean and let you know up front that this week's product will be a cheat post.  In order to keep up, I'm going to have to do a quick and dirty picture montage of recent grub fun.  More focus on pics and captions, less commentary from me.  I have some work to do to gather up the pics, so expect something later tomorrow evening.  

Love, Miss

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