Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Germs Galore

We are in the throes of Monica's very first cold.  I really shouldn't complain, as we made it 13 months without her getting sick once.  Unfortunately, I'm still getting over this horrible illness, so I am in a weakened condition, myself.  However, I suppose that this is preferable to the alternative, which would be me getting sick the moment she becomes healthy again, as she will assuredly regain her normal energy x 1,000. 

The best word to describe our current situation would be "disgusting."  I actually found myself holding a tissue up to her nose and saying, "blow" yesterday, and then laughing uncontrollably at myself for being so idiotic.   It didn't dawn on me until that moment that she doesn't know how to blow her nose.  So she just sits there with snot running out of it at continuously, which means that I am wiping her nose with a tissue every two minutes; during which, she repeatedly jerks her head, thus smearing snot across her cheeks.  Where it dries into a crust because I am too busy throwing out the snotty tissue and washing my hands in preparation for the next round of nose wiping in t-minus 45 seconds.  That is, as long as she hasn't already wiped it on the couch.

The saddest part is that she can't suck her thumb while she sleeps because she can't breathe through her nose.  So she is alternating between sucking her thumb for a few seconds and then pulling it out to frantically gasp for breath.  Poor thing!

Except for when we're (sorta) sleeping, I don't think we've stopped watching TV since Saturday afternoon.  I'm pretty sure she is in heaven, as I have been too weak to try to engage her in actual brain-developing learning activities.  
Unrelated post note - I just wrote 2011 and kept going like it was nothing.  And then I realized 2012 is almost over.  Brain = dead.

My fears have come true.  Monica is rallying even quicker than I thought possible, while I remain a supine, inert lump on the couch.  To her credit, she has been a perfect angel for most of the day today, revisiting with her toys that were ignored during her snuffly couch potato phase.  Unfortunately, she seems sick of watching television, and I don't think that I have much more time before she is climbing the walls and needed to get out of the house to burn off some energy.  Perhaps I will rouse myself after her nap for a quick trip to the bank.  The bank is a good errand because we can hit the drive through without changing out of our pajamas.  Seems silly to get dressed at 5pm, the day is practically over!

JK has been trying to convince himself that I have an exponentially worse version of a slight sore throat and mild fatigue he was feeling last week.  While I seriously hope he is right, I remain unconvinced due to the coughing he was just doing on his way out the door.

So, that's what's going on over here.  No cute picture to end this blog post, we're not the most photogenic bunch right now!

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