Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My New Stylist

Monica and I had just returned from a short shopping trip in Media, and I was checking my email while she was investigating the contents of her diaper bag.  The laptop was on the end table next to the couch, so my back was to her.  I heard a little giggle, and then felt a yank on my hair.  What the heck!  She never pulls my hair on purpose, so I was really shocked...until I turned around and found this:

My very own little stylist!

She had found my hairbrush in the diaper bag, and was giggling away while she worked on giving me a new 'do.  Can someone please tell this kid that teasing hair went out of style about 20 years ago??

It wasn't the most comfortable experience for me, but she sure was having a blast!

Whoops!  Don't eat the hair, kiddo!
Monica says, "Mama, I officially declare you to be lovely!"   It might be days before I'm able to untangle this mess....but she sure had fun, so it's worth it!

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