Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lauren's First Birthday

Happy First Birthday, Lauren!

I spent the better part of June 18th following her around the house and trying to get a nice picture of her.  This is probably the best of the bunch.  Haha!  But it totally encompasses all that is our sweet, silly, happy little girl, who is always smiling and saying "Hoot, hoot" to us!

We celebrated with a small party with immediate family, Lauren's first time in the pool, and a massive balloon pit that JK spent hours creating for her.  While she loved the balloon pit, she was, and remains, unsure about the pool.  This little one prefers to hang around the water table, lounge on the deck, and eat snacks.  Just like Mommy!  Unlike Monica, who would stay in the pool for hours if we would let her.  Just like Daddy!

This one is blurry, but I love it because she is grabbing the cake!
Daddy was making her all kinds of balloon accessories.  She loved it!
Opening presents amidst the balloons. 

   I have a few more pictures to upload here, but wanted to get this post published before we head out for vacation.  Our first year with her has been so much fun, I can't wait to see what this year brings!

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