Saturday, July 5, 2014

Toddler Talk - June edition

Anyone who spends time around little kids knows that they are constantly saying and doing the funniest things.  So I'm going to try to jot down a couple funny, silly, sweet things that the girls say or do throughout each month and share them in a post at month-end.  

  • It was bedtime, and I was laying with Monica in her bed.  I closed my eyes for a moment...and the next thing I knew, I could feel her lightly tracing her thumb across my forehead. was wet.  I opened my eyes, and said, "Ummm, what are you doing?"  And she replied, "I'm putting spit on your forehead, to help you relax a little bit."  I just said, "Please....don't do that.  It's just so gross."  And she just smiled and rolled over and went to sleep.
  • Whenever I refer to the girls as "my girls" or I say, "Let's go, girls" Monica insists, "NO!  I'm a BOY!"  And whenever I refer to Lauren as her little sister she says, "NO!  She is my brother!  I'm the sister!"  And she always refers to Lauren as "he" in conversation.  Haha, I obviously have some work to do here!  
  • "I really want to wear dirty socks. Dirty socks are nice!"  She was just really excited to have successfully put on her own socks, even though they were an unmatching pair from the laundry pile.
  • I was pulling weeds while Monica was playing in the sandbox.  And suddenly she ran up and said, "Mommy, I need to show you something!"  And her eyes lit up as I immediately said, "OK!" and took her hand as we ran towards the sandbox.  Where she presented me with a sand pie, and launched into, "Happy birthday to Mommy, Happy Birthday to Mommy, Happy Birthday to Mommy, Happy birthday to Monica and Mommy!"  And then she blew out the pretend candles and proceeded to sing happy birthday to Mommy Monica, Lauren, Daddy, the Woof, and The Pooper Cat.  And I sang along and loved every single second of it!!!!!!
  • JK, Monica and I were laying in our bed settling, down for the day and relaxing before taking Monica into her room.   I was in the middle, and I said, "Look, I'm the meat and you guys are the bread, we're a sandwich!"  And JK starting laughing and calling me mommy salami, and I was laughing and saying I'd prefer to be a spicy chicken cutlet, and Monica chimes in with, "We are not delicious food!  We are just people!!!"
  • Me:  "What are you making"
          Monica:  "A note.  It's for Daddy.  It says I love you."

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