Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adventures in Creeping

Check out who's on the move!  Monica is not actually crawling yet, but being able to get up onto her hands and knees is really helping her to pivot and move in all directions now.  I'm calling it creeping because she can now creep up on me when I'm clear across the room.  I did try to interrupt and let her know that it looked like she was setting herself up for head butt against the crib, and that this probably wasn't a good way to start out a creeping adventure. 

But...she set me straight the next day.  Turns out she was wasn't aiming for a head butting adventure at all, but rather, an under-the-crib adventure.  I ran to the bathroom for mere seconds and came back to this:

Hi Mommy, look, this is soooooo fun!!! 
She totally looks like a little grub crawling out of a grub hidey-hole right here :)  Guess I should probably throw that dust ruffle in the wash, just in case she's planning on spending a lot of time under there in the future.  

Love my silly little girl! Stay tuned for more adventures in creeping!

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