Saturday, February 25, 2012

Everything I learned, I learned from my... brother?

Let's hope the Grub doesn't ever utter those words. At least, not in the presence of people that don't know us very well. That could make for a very uncomfortable and abrupt ending to a play date!

I can remember when Monica was only a month old, and JK saying something along the lines of, "When is she going to do stuff." For men, having kids means wrestling matches, teaching them to ride a bike, and having a catch in the backyard. Looking at our lovely little little lump who couldn't even roll over...well, all those fun ideas just seemed so far away!

But I replied, "She is doing something! She's watching everything we do and learning how to be a little person!"

From the moment babies are born, they are taking in the world around them, and their little brains are soaking up every sight, sound, and experience. So for the first two months, those big solemn blue eyes followed our every move as we went about our business. Sure enough, it was no time at all before Monica was interacting in the world in her own way and trying her best to imitate our actions, sounds and facial expressions.

And when I say we, I don't mean just JK and I. This includes...

The dog.

And now, we have our very own little Grub Dog, carrying her toys in her mouth as she crawls around her play yard:

The Woof, showing Monica how to hold, manipulate, and gnaw on a piece of dog corn. All with a sock on his head, just for fun.
So, we thank you, dog friend, for helping us to teach your little sister the ways of the world.  We're so proud!

One final comment:  Just in case you were wondering, the answer is yes; like the dog's sock, we also put toys and laundry on our baby's head:

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